Monday, June 12, 2006


Alberto is knocking at our door tonight. We are in the direct path of the expected landfall in North Florida. We have had steady rain all day, a few gusts off and on and a little thunder. Feh. Nothing terrible at this time although, the situation might, just maybe, get a little hairy before dawn.

We aren't expecting too much trouble and we hope we get a lot of rain all along the peninsula to soak the wildfires that are a result of our statewide drought. Hope we don't lose power, get any tree trash or flying debris. Everyone I know is off from work tomorrow and I don't think anyone is too worried about the outcome. I bet we are back in the sunshine by early tomorrow afternoon.

We caught the Pink Martini concert on PBS tonight The lead singer looks better in person, thinner, more glam, sexier, more adorable in real life. Unfortunately, we didn't get the Brazilian Dancers they showed on the tube tonight at our local concert but we still loved it. The Lube was griping about it but too bad. I don't think they paid them enough to bring an extra 25 -30 semi-nekked hotcha Brazilian samba dancers into Gainesville for a little ole concert at the Thomas Center.

I'll check in after Alberto passes. Not sure I can stay awake all night since I have been in "hurricane party mode" all afternoon and evening. It will take a tornado to awaken me if I fall asleep. Let's hope I don't need all my faculties later tonight. :::hick::: Will check in tomorrow unless we don't have power. Unlikely IMHO.

Party on, Hurricane Dudes, Stay Inside and Party On.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Stay safe Flaurel and let us know your okay I'll be sending good thoughts your way!

Stephen said...

A lot of helpful data for myself!