Thursday, June 22, 2006

Creative Bartending

It is the cocktail hour and we forgot to go to the liquor store earlier this week. We are out of Noilly Prat and there's only enough Grey Goose vodka for a shot. I started digging through the liquor cabinet and found almost a whole quart bottle of vanilla flavored Smirnoff, quarter of a fifth of Blue Curacao and some Rose's Raspberry Infusion. I got out the shaker.

After a few minutes, I had created the BooBerry Martini. We drank them until the Curacao and the infusion stuff ran out. I tossed a few blueberries into each serving since I know that blueberries are powerful anti-oxidants and I probably need some of that since I am certain my oxidants must be on the verge of taking over or at the very least, a serious up-rising.

When it is Hump Day and you are desperate enough, you will drink anything.

Booberry Martini
Blueberries in Deep Space

Blueberry Tooni
A good way to get your recommended
daily requirement of blueberries.


Sanne said...

Hump Day?

I am SO angry today!
Yesterday, a woman saw a free parking space and backed right into my beautiful GT! I could have killed her! :( So now I have to contact the insurance company and hope she is honest and admit the fault is hers! I have to dispense my lovely little car and I have only driven it for almost a month, argh! :(

DH is driving it today to show it to the pro painters at his job. I certainly do hope they are able to work miracles.

Today, it is Midsummer Day, in Danish called Sankt Hans. We eat dinner with friends and family, burn great fires on the beaches, sing songs - and know that now the days get shorter! I really am drepressed today.

But anyway have a great day - I think I will try some of your drink recipes ... or all of them, tonight!


Flaurella said...

Oh, dear!

Poor Tiny Honk. :(( I hope everything can be repaired quickly and painlessly.

Celebrate Midsummer Day and think of all the summer days that are left instead of those that have passed.

I send you good cheer. Sorry about your pretty car.

Anonymous said...

You'll do anything for a Martini!

Looking for something yummy in HSV, AKA you know who!

Flaurella said...

What can I say, I do like my martinis.

Anything? Well, almost anything!

Anonymous said...
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Sanne said...

Almost a WEEK without any new blogging - it's tought to be a Flaurella addict these days!

Tiny Honk is already repaired and painted, but I'm not satisfied. He is not looking as great as before the accident. So either they have to polish some more or repaint all the front. DH doesn't argue, he knows is hopeless.

Have a nice weekend my friend! :)