Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Am I Blue?

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. How unusual that I still don't have much to say. Being quiet is a new experience for me and certainly for everyone who knows me. I forced myself to go out and mingle, finding it easier to talk to strangers than friends and family and discovered that I like listening just as much as I like jabbering all the time. Go figure.

This is a single bloom of a potted hydrangea that W4D brought home to cheer me. Each of the flower heads like the one shown below is the size of a cabbage. Hydrangeas will only stay pink here if you keep them potted or treat the soil with additives. Once you put them in the ground, they will eventually turn true blue due to the acidity of our soil. Blue, pink or white, I love them all. I'll take pix of my blue blossoms once the blooms get larger. To learn more about how to change the color of your hydrangea,
click here.

Pink Hydrangea


Sanne said...

Funny, in Denmark the colour change is reverse! We fight to keep ours blue, they always turn pink.


jackie said...

glad to hear you are recovering slightly. i don't see how all that pink lovliness can't be helping! i LOVE hydrangeas in any color. my best friend has a row of very old bushes next to her house that she fertilizes with coffee gounds--they are this deep rich velvety purple. i have never seen anything like them. looking forward to some pics of your blue ones!

Flaurella said...


You probably have a lot of clay in your soil. Isn't it odd that we always want the color that is hardest to achieve? Ha!

Flaurella said...


Purple sounds divine. As the season progresses, I will add coffee grounds and see if I can make my beautiful blue into indigo or purple. Thanks for the tip!

PS. Recovery is down to a dull ache with intermittent tears instead of sharp pain and sobbing. Time marches on but I will always miss the little guy.

jackie said...

you know, i lost the first cat of my adult life almost 6 years ago, and i still tear up when i think about her too much. believe me, i know how you feel.

good luck with the flowers. :)