Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Honey, I'm Home

I'm back from our 1500 mile buying trip and a little R&R. It was good to get away. Aside from having to shop every day, the worst thing that happened to me was when I blindly grabbed the wrong bottle as I got into the shower in a hotel and washed my hair with hand lotion. How are you supposed to be able to read those little bottle labels when you don't have on your glasses? Anyway, I remember when I used to love to shop. Now that I have to do it for a living, I hate it.

It wasn't all torturous though. We had our martinis every afternoon in the prettiest places. I just love my little martini travel case and I wouldn't be on the road without it.

Martini Travel Kit Martini Travel Kit 2

Here's a view from the back porch of a darling cottage we rented in Virginia for a couple of days. When we weren't lolling about in front of the fireplace or relaxing in our Jacuzzi, we were sitting on this pretty porch getting all liquored up.

Virginia Martini

Sometimes, the simple things are the best things.


ChrisMoose said...

Ya make me wanna take up drinking...

Sanne said...

I envy you!
Welcome back, my best penpal - I have missed you and your lovely blog.


Flaurella said...

Libations are my only vice. (well, unless you count good food but we truly require food.)

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Sanne. It was good to relax a bit but it is always nice to come home.

jackie said...

welocme home! i def. missed you while you were away. LOVE your little travel bar, and love the picture of you making excellent use of it as well. what a lovely martini!

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Jackie,

While you are winging your way across the pond, we will be going out of town for our first Pink Martini concert and a little gambling. Looking forward to it but I'd really rather be in Europe with my little travel case. :))

PS. I think ALL martini's are lovely. LOL

Bertram said...

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