Friday, May 05, 2006

The Swing of Things

Overheard near the grill at a cookout.
The middle-aged lady was accusing her spouse of renegging on a long-standing promise to relocate to another state and a totally different lifestyle.

She: I can't bear the thought of another summer here. I want to move to North Carolina. You promised me that if I married you, we would move to North Carolina.

He: And we shall my lovely, we will live there one day, I promise.

She: You sorry ass liar! I don't believe a word of it. You are a lying sack o'shit. What the phuk do you think I am, stupid? You've been promising that for 35 years.

He: "Whoa, do I detect a bit of negativity in your tone of voice, my dear?"

The Swing of Things
Just a'Swingin'


Anonymous said...

Whoops, I was wrong about the naritor! I know exactly "to whom" you are refering.

Come on now........... do you really want to go? I'm not really sure you do.

With the exception of the hurricanes, your only complaint is the heat. And when you're not complaining about the heat, you're complaining about the cold:)

Love you,

Confused but understanding on Nudo Lane

Anonymous said...
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Sanne said...

What a patient wife! ;)


jackie said...

north carolina does rock. and it has an advantage in that I LIVE THERE. :)

i still love that swing though.

Anonymous said...

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