Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hippy Dippy White Pizza

We really enjoyed the finale of American Idol on TV last night. Great bunch of talented kids! I laughed my ass off when Clay Aiken appeared on stage behind the Wannabe-Clay and W4D asked me if that was Paul McCartney's son. He was serious. My husband is so hip. And apparently, so I am I for I just used the word, "hip."

This is one of the ways I get rid of the leftovers in my fridge. I use whatever small amounts of veggies, cooked, frozen or raw, that accumulate in the fridge. I buy pre-made pizza crusts like Marie's or Boboli and a jar of pre-made Alfredo sauce. I prefer Five Brother's but any will do. Sometimes I make a little fresh Alfredo if I have the right ingredients in the fridge.

This is an 8 inch pizza for one.
Here's what to do:
Salt and pepper the crust.
Sprinkle with crushed fresh garlic or use garlic power if that's all you have.
Never use garlic salt. It's too salty.
Spread a healthy layer of Alfredo sauce on the crust.
Start adding toppings

Flaurella's White Pizza

I added freshly sautéed baby portabellas
Small leftover broccoli florets and crumbles
Leftover asparagus
Leftover green peas
Freshly caramelized chopped white onions
Sautéed sweet red pepper
Snipped fresh basil (lots!)
Then I sprinkled the pizzas with Parmesan Romano cheese blend
Piled on some shredded frozen mozzarella with sun dried tomato bits.
Sprinkled with salt and pepper
And finally. drizzled a bit more Alfredo sauce on top.
Cook in oven until hot, about 20 minutes at 375.


Use whatever veggies you have on hand but always remember the caramelized onions for that gives great flavor to all other toppings. Go light on the sauce if you are dieting, heavy if you dare. And, always make more than one pizza. Yum!


jaybird said...

Hey! My pasta is on your pizza! ..... or is your pizza in my pasta?

Flaurella said...

Good both ways!

Shall we wear our tiaras?

jk said...

I thought Clay Aiken was a singer from the Cars or some other band from the early eighties! Hah!

Flaurella said...

Congrats, JK!
You are apparently just as hip as W4D. LOL!