Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We Are the CHOMP-ions!

Oh, My!! We are just a little bit excited down here in Gainesville, Florida today. Even with hangovers and very little sleep, I have never seen so many happy GATORS. Who knew that a Basketball National Championship would be just as thrilling as a Football NC?

Thanks for all the congratulatory emails. I have really enjoyed reading all the different newspaper articles from the links sent by friends around the country who put up with my constant Gator banter.
I think this is my fave, sent by Steena in Chicago...

INDIANAPOLIS -- Down south in the swampy areas, the innocent are warned about becoming gator bait. There is no other way to describe what happened to UCLA on Monday night. The Florida Gators opened those fearsome jaws wide and chomped the Bruins into little pieces, 73-57, to claim the school's first NCAA men's basketball championship at the RCA Dome.

This is pretty funny:
Amazon Offers 'UCLA Wins' Stuff, Then Team Loses

Below are pictures from our local paper and message boards, compliments of the Gainesville Sun.

Congratulations, Coaches and GATORS!
What an awesome season!

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