Sunday, April 16, 2006

Celebrations all Around

Happy Easter!
May all the joy of this glad season be yours.

Easter Treats

Happy Birthday to The Lubricator, W4D, DH, Mr. Manly Man, Farnk, etc. Cheap shot getting your birthday to fall on Easter Sunday.

The Birthday Boy

A Tip o'the Hat to Uncle Sam, our taxes are completed and e-filed two whole days early and I won the pool by coming closer to the final figure than the Old Birthday Boy, AKA "What's 4 Dinner," who was the one who did the tax preparations. You know I am good when I can out estimate the tax preparer himself. To the victor go the spoils!


jk said...

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYou say it's your birthday...! (belated) - to the man of many names: Best Wishes!!!!
Peep Queen: you're "the bomb" !Congrats to both on finishing your ugh - dare i say the dirty word - taxes...
Hey hey I'm the taxman... - this comment just wouldn't have been the same without the Beatles songs

Shane said...

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