Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Midnight at the Oasis

Tax Update: Yay! Tonight we got a whole years' receipts, both business and personal posted and categorized. While many insults were tossed back and forth, no actual physical blows were thrown. Now all we have to do is post the annual entries from several checkbooks into categories, calculate all the mileage and travel expenses for each of us by month and then we can start plugging the figures into the computer. We do the drudge work and the computer does the grunt work. I can't tell you how much better this is than years ago when we used to have to do taxes without computer software. It is even easier than dealing with the accountants, and cheaper too.

This calls for an ultra-dry vodka martini since we were so good all afternoon and eve and never had anything but a little red wine over the course of the evening. Who says one shouldn't enjoy a martini on a Tuesday at midnight? Besides, we are both taking the day off tomorrow to complete our friggin' tax return. We've each already written our personal estimate, plus or minus to the dollar, of what we each guess the outcome will be. Wish me luck!

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