Monday, April 03, 2006

Tonight's The Night!

Mondays in my home office are out of control. I don't usually even get a cuppa coffee that isn't stone cold by the time I get to it and I rarely have time to break for lunch. I am always eager for 6:00PM so that I can have a toonie or some delish, mind-numbing libation and relax for a few minutes before dinner. W4D was late getting home this eve and that isn't nice on a Monday, especially on an important Monday.

There were a lot of chores to do since Mr. Man is out of town the rest of this week and tonight is a very special night.

In addition to cleaning the pool and some yard chores, we had to bait the dog with lemon chicken breast meat to cut his whiskers and trim his ears so we could give him his monthly dose of Advantage. That was not fun but I managed to cut off about a half bushel of fur without cutting his throat and we eventually got the flea meds on him.

Then, W4D, who is on his way out of town for the next four days to a nice resort hotel where he will conduct training sessions while I stay home and nurse said furry beastie boy tells me that he forgot his luggage at work.

"At work? Why the hayell is your luggage at work?"

"I loaned it to Kaitlin (our daughter) last month when she went to Louisville."

"Why the hayell did you leave your luggage at work when you are leaving to go out of town? Why didn't you bring it home?"

"Because. Kait just brought it back today after I called her and asked her for it and then I forgot it."

"She went to Kentucky over a month ago. Why are you just getting your luggage back the night you have to leave?" (rhetorical question, fer sure!)

"At least she dropped it by when I asked her but I forgot to bring it home. So, can I use your luggage?"



"Enn Ohhh!"

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want your vermin infested clothes in my pristine luggage."

"Okay, then I'll just put all my clothes in black garbage bags and tote them that way."


End of discussion.

Now I am going to prepare Porterhouse steaks, sautéed mushrooms, garlic bread and a nice salad and then we are going to watch the GATORS whomp ass on UCLA. We could win this, we really could, and it would be our first ever NCAA Basketball National Championship. I am very excited about the prospect!

In the meantime, I am going to take a couple of black lawn and trash bags upstairs for my husband so he can pack his clothes in style.



Anonymous said...

What's better than NOT having to sit on the edge of your seat at every single shot, stomach clenched and cramped, brow sweating, hands being rung, wondering if you will ever take the lead, and possibly win? Why, knowing from the first buzzer that you are not relinquishing your lead for one second!

Congratulations! We know you are so proud!

annie p

Flaurella said...

It was totally AWESOME!! Our guys played great and our coaching was perfection.

In town, they had to close down the streets to traffic. What a party!