Friday, April 21, 2006

Orange and Blue

The Gator Orange and Blue Spring Scrimmage Game is tomorrow. It's too hot to think about football but W4D, AKA The Jaywalker, will probably go to the game. I am not going to go and bake in the midday sun.

It's warmer than I prefer but there are plenty of signs of spring left in North Florida. We're still sleeping with a blanket on the bed since the evenings are pleasant and there are still plenty of flowers in bloom.


Having trouble getting rid of the last four hard-boiled colored eggs. I only made nine and haven't eaten any yet but I have a plan for the orange and the blue ones:

Last of the Colored Eggs

Egg Salad for lunch!

Egg Salad


Anonymous said...

Perhaps too late, but HB eggs go great when topped by caviar. Try the Wine & Cheese Gallery. You'd go nuts in there.

Also, did you know: Save the hard rind from fresh Parmesan cheese for soups. Add the rind in a large piece to soups such as minestrone or lentil as it simmers. This will give it great depth and richness.

Sanne said...

Greetings from Denmark - I'm back!
Found your blog link on my home computer, I have really missed starting my day reading your great blog. :)
I have the whole week off, before starting my new job - so I'm Spring cleaning. Tough job, but great when done. My house really shows that I have been working so much for so long. Frankieboy on the stereo and back to work.

lots of e-hugs
... still alive, enjoying her house wife status.

Identitease said...

You visited my blog long long ago ...
thank you for appreciating my poetry,
I,m sorry i didn't get back earlier..Was not very blogger savvy,
just figured out how to read comments..!!!
well nice space u have here...
and thats apretty flower , quite unusual...
As for colourd hard bolied eggs... well keep them hangin on your easter tree!!!