Thursday, April 20, 2006

Still Poor

When W4D arrived home last night, he knew exactly where the salmon was stashed. I wish that man would stop re-arranging my freezer. We had a nice grilled salmon dinner with that somewhat creepy "newt of veggies," fresh white asparagus (at $1.77 a pound, who could resist?).

Grilled Salmon
Easy dinner

Crisp Salad
I made a nice salad, too.

This morning, when W4D brought the dog back upstairs and deposited him in the bed with me, he leaned over to kiss me good-bye. No, I don't get up and see him off for work or make him breakfast or anything remotely wifely like that. I stay in the bed, cuddle with the wee beastie and try to go back to sleep. Anyway, W4D wished me a good day and I asked him if he was wearing his new shoes that we bought on our trip.

"I can't," he said. "My foot is swollen."

Wouldn't you know, we didn't win $82 Million in the Lottery, either.

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Identitease said...

Ohmigod !!
mouth's watering !!

that looks eally awesome!!!