Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Toonie Tunes

During Cocktail Week, you are probably wondering what music to listen to as you sip and nosh. Allow me share with you my fave cocktail music. Of course, the first attraction was the name. I love anything pink and I love martinis so you can guess that I would be attracted to a group named
"p i n k m a r t i n i."

Pink Martini has a global sophisticated sound that will encourage relaxation and conversation. Here's a good review of their first album, Sympathique. We also have their newer CD, Hang On Little Tomato. I cannot decide which I like better.

PM is described on their web site as "Somewhere between a 1930s Cuban dance orchestra, a classical chamber music ensemble, a Brasilian marching street band and Japanese film noir is the 12-piece Pink Martini."

Luckily, you can listen to both albums in their entirety on the
p i n k m a r t i n i website. Try before you buy.

Pour your favorite cocktail, relax and have a listen.


jackie said...

my current favorite music!!! I keep switching between them and rob zombie lately--not sure what that says about me... :)

Flaurella said...

I learned about them online - someone had been to a concert and liked it so I checked them out. Tell me that was you!?

I'd surely go if they had a concert in Gainesville.

I'll have to go to Amazon and listen to some Rob Zombie.

Well, back to my Kamikaze and Zydeco. I'm pouting since W4D will not be home tonight.

jackie said...

it almost has to have been me! i saw them last june with my girlfriends and wrote a big blog post about it. :)

the zombie, he is a bit frightening and not AT ALL like the pink martini. let's just say my musical tates are a bit--er--eclictic. or maybe manic is a better word.

i am on my own tonight, too--i was thinking maybe an apple martini and a girl movie, maybe something with diane lane...

jackie said...

hey--pink martini's schedule for three nights in florida next may 19-21 in tampa, clearwater, and st. petersburg. i know it's like 3 hours away, but it might be worth the trip. :)

Flaurella said...

Wow! I just looked up your archives and found that post.

I even made a comment on it stating how much I liked them so you were surely reinforcement if not the originator. Oddly, I remembered your outdoor concert comments since we used to go every spring to an annual one near here and I always took linens and real glasses and a lovely cold supper with appetizers and desert. One year, we even had our pictures in the paper, I think because I had silver candlesticks. It was very social and fun but then it got too large and kids were running around screaming and we stopped going. Talk about yer run-on sentences! LOL

Flaurella said...

Oh! I want to go for sure! Would love to hear them! We pop over to Tampa all the time. Thanks for the heads up. I will go check out their schedule in a moment.

W4D just mentioned that he is getting some honorable mention or award or something and we will be going someplace during the end of May. I didn't get all the details but I hope it isn't the same weekend. I will make a note to ask him when he gets back, if I am still awake. ;-D

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