Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Supporting Miss Daisy

Yesterday afternoon at the Post Office, I noticed a senior retiree who had a really big ponytail -- lots of great, thick snow white hair in a very perky 1950's ponytail. I personally love ponytails. Big White Fluffy Ponytail was the lady directly in line ahead of me. (Note: In the South, we say "in" line not "on" line.) BWFP had on a cute denim cap sleeve shirt. She also had on denim short shorts. Really short shorts, Daisy Dukes that no one over age 25 should be wearing. Okay. This is Florida. We wear shorts even during winter if the weather is nice, which it is this week. There is no law against people with lots of fluffy white hair wearing shorts whenever they wish, even if they are too short.

Then, I took a closer look when I caught the glimmer and sheen on the back of her legs. I was thinking tanning spray but upon closer inspection, it was industrial strength support stockings. You could have bounced quarters off her legs in those sturdy, tightly knit pantyhose and I stood there transfixed, staring at her butt cheeks covered in support hose while I waited my turn at the counter. There should be a law against Daisy Dukes worn with support hose.

I was telling W4D about her yesterday, early evening while he read my blog.

"I don't know if I like you calling me a sniffing, tit-grabbing, hound dog."

"I said no such thing, but if the muzzle fits ..."

Tall flame
Candle in a Noilly Prat bottle spreads
a little cheer during the cocktail hour.


ChrisMoose said...

There should be a law against Daisy Dukes worn with support hose.

AMEN!!!!! {{{chortle}}} Only in Fla-la-land


Flaurella said...

My Councilman is about to present a city ordinance refusing to permit anyone over the age of 35 years from wearing "hot pants, Daisy Dukes," or "short-shorts," less than 4 inches long; during any season, by anyone at all, of any age, race or religion. And furthermore, anyone caught wearing support hose with shorts during any of the four seasons, shall be prosecuted.
Amen to that!

I suspect it will not be nearly as controversial as the building moratorium. [snark]

Working on the 2nd half of life said...

We're in line in Chicago too.....

Flaurella said...

Glad to hear it, Second Half. Most people in the NE look at me like I am whacked when I say "in line." glad to know Chicagoans have it right!

Malcolm said...

This won't really have success, I believe this way.
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