Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Haven't blogged.
Don't feel like it.

Sick of winter

Pigs Kissing

Flaurella is suffering from SAD.

I have to go sit in the sunshine now.

But I'll be back.

Sooner or later



Sanne said...

How can you do this to me!?!
Two days without my daily dosis Flaurella! ;)
Poor you!
Try Winter in Denmark, then you will change your mind. We are still having frost and occasionally snow. We will not see the sun within the next two months or so! :( I long for summer!
I adore your updates - so many lovely jewellery and no money to spend, deep sigh!

lots of warm e-hugs
from cold Denmark

jackie said...

no be sad, flaurella. your adoring fans miss you. :(

the sun really will help though! i sure hope youa re feeling better soon. just thank your lucky stars you don't live in detroit or some other frozen place!

ChrisMoose said...

Am glad someone else is having as much trouble writing... I like winter (it's snowing here now YIPPEE!!!!!) but I'm tired of being sick. Am starting week 4 now. Yuck.....