Friday, January 06, 2006

What's Left?

W4D gave me a little scarf, hat and glove set over the holidays. When I got around to taking it out of the box, I noticed that one glove was missing. "No problem," said W4D, "I'll take back the glove and get you another pair." So yesterday, he returned to the store, single glove in hand. The sales clerk was very apologetic and most helpful. W4D said they looked through many drawers of gloves to find a perfect match.

W4D presented the gloves to me last evening and I took them out of the box. Something looked odd.


Not only are they two different sizes, they are both left hands. LMAO! W4D, who is himself a lefty, is bound and determined to make them get it right. I hope it happens before winter melts into spring.

Speaking of winter, we're expecting the coldest temps of the year tonight and tomorrow with lows of about 22 - 24 degrees. I was out walking about the yard seeing what is going to need to be protected, moved inside or covered. I picked these perfect camellias a few moments ago. Camellias do fine in cold weather, as long as the blooms and buds don't freeze solid.


All of my varieties of camellias are loaded with blooms and buds right now and I wait all year on them to flower. Hope I have some left come Sunday.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm.

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