Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cocktail Hour

Look what I found on You Tube.
Dang, I can't figure how to embedd You Tube on this new blogger so here's the URL:


Enjoy Pink Martini's version of Amado Mio and Rita Hayworth. Isn't she divine?

I am going to go now and have my own martini and listen to Hang on Little Tomato. Here's some more Pink Martini on You Tube:

Una Notte a Napoli:

Let's Never Stop Falling in Love:

Hey Eugene:


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spa Date with Sheree

Tucker Pupper has come of age. He is no longer a baby. W4D found him a lady groom and Tucker loves her.

Yesterday morning, The Tuckster rode off in the front seat of a cute little car with Sheree, his new groomer, who picks up her clients and delivers them back again after her care and treatments. Yesterday afternoon our puppy returned a manly man, Old Man Tucker.

Before Tuck left, his coat was so full and fluffy that he looked like a giant badger. We called him Pinhead since his head looked ridiculously small next to his huge furry body.

Tucker at almost 6 Months Old
Cute when hairy

Pinhead Pup
Pinhead Badger Dog with fave toy

He returned from his Spa date with his dense puppy undercoat combed out and removed, all the hairs from inside his ears removed, his face shaped, whiskers trimmed, eyebrows neat and tidy, anal sacs expressed, his legs properly shaped, his paws trimmed, toenails pedicured, and his butt and privates shaved as smooth as a baby's bottom.

First Grooming
Gentleman Tucker

Mr. Manly Man
Never felt a breeze there before. Cool!

I am going to call Sheree and see if she will take W4D tomorrow.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Frigid and Farewell

It's going to be 22 degrees here tonight. It's been very cold all day and I haven't heated the bathrooms. I finally, at long last had to go and plopped my bare butt down on the toilet seat and it was so cold, I shrieked! It was like sitting on a block of ice, which I might add, I have done - in a bathing suit for a promotion at Channel 4 in Miami many years ago. I don't think they do that anymore since it is considered child cruelty or abuse or something to see how long a bathing suit clad kid can sit on a big block of ice in July, but I digress...

Anyway, it is bitterly cold today to this Florida gal and tonight, the dew point is 15 degrees. ARGH! You read that right! 15 DEGREES! At least it can't get colder than that. The coldest I have ever been in Florida is 9 degrees and let me tell you, that is friggin' cold no matter where you live.

I've baked a large roaster chicken and plenty of veggies and biscuits this afternoon to help keep this drafty old 1885 sieve we call home cozy all day. Now, I am going to go eat some dinner since DH is done carving the Perdue Roaster. All of our moveable plants and flowers are under blankets and tarps and heat lights but the lilies and gladiolus and the tender buds on the dogwoods and redbuds are going to be mush in the morning. Perhaps, I'll go make an icicle with the hose or something.

This will kill the fleas, the cinch bugs and assorted creepy crawlies but I know my froggies will all find safe havens. Everyone stay warm out there.

On a sad note, I was so sorry to hear about beautiful, strong Barbaro. I have been pulling for that magestic animal. He gave his all and was a true champion. I wonder how long before the world is sprouting little Barbaro offspring? Green meadows to you, Barbaro.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hot Pink, Lime Green

It's raining. Again. Fixin' to turn cool. Cool is like... 44 degrees this year.

It will temporarily wash off the slick layer of Soylent Green pollen on our cars. The Japanese magnolias bloomed 2 weeks ago. The red buds are all covered with pretty pink flowers. The dogwoods have tiny pale green buds. Everything is green, sprouted or already growing like a weed. Actually, we have a ton of weeds since the hurricane year. When was that... 2004 or 2003? We got hit with three in a row here. Must have been 2003. Hurricanes transport an amazing amount of seeds and small foreign particles. We have weeds we've never seen in our yard before but at least they are green... and blooming.

I saw butterflies in the yard yesterday, lots of yellow butterflies. The robins are here again too, terrorizing my large family of pet yard cardinals. Robins are noisy and bossy. The mockingbirds and redbirds and sparrows don't at all like them. They mess up the yard and poop splatter the walkways and decks and I wish they would go home. Dang snowbirds.

Here's a picture taken earlier this month of a peeper in my Tai plant by the pool fence. He let me touch him and he didn't flinch or spring away.

January Frog in the Tai Plant
Mr. Peeper on Hot Pink

I just can't imagine what it is like to look at snow for days on end. It's all lovely, serene and monochromatic and I like to go see it every year. I love it for a week or so, then I miss the color I am used to seeing here. I don't think I would make a very good Northerner.

Hey, W4D, enjoy that evening Power Meeting you are attending tonight. I bet your brain is fairly bulging by now. Call me when you get back to your suite, Dude.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dear W4D,

I thought you might like to know what I had for dinner tonight. It's Spa Week here at Casa de Flaurella.

"Batchin' it"

While you are living it up in a fancy, schmancy hotel, I am eating healthy and running around buck nekked and there is nothing you can do about it. I don't even want to wear one of those fluffy terry robes or sleep on those fancy linens. I put flannel sheets on the bed so I can be all snuggly and warm. Flannel is much cozier than Egyptian Linen, dontcha know.

I can drink martinis, as many as I want, for FREE. I can hug and cuddle with Tucker and eat peach ice cream (if I wasn't on my spa diet.) Ahem. Tucker had doggy ice cream earlier, made of carrots. He's on the Spa Diet, too.

I hope your ass falls asleep tomorrow from all the meetings. I hope you have to eat tiny little greasy chicken fingers for lunch. Did you realize that you forgot the martini travel kit?

Just so you know, we aren't at all jealous. :P

kiss, kiss.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Righteous Cocktails with Steena

An online friend of 12 or 13 years dropped by for a visit yesterday. It was our first meeting in person but we've been friends so long we just took right off chatting like she's here every day and no one even thought to take a photo. Dang!

We inhaled assorted cocktails, scarfed up copious amounts of bruschetta and shrimp and laughed and talked for hours. We didn't have any Jello Shooters, but I managed to coerce our guest to drink a Green Apple Martini, a Sparkletini and a rum Mojito. Those Chicago Land gals can hold their liquor.

Here's how I made Steena's Sparkletini:

Place 3 ounces of ice cold Raspberry Sparkletini in a large martini glass.
Shake 1.5 oz. of Vanilla Vodka and 1.5 oz. of Raspberry juice over ice.
Strain into tooni glass with Sparkletini
Garnish with a red ripe, locally grown winter Strawberry.

Thinking it would make us seem more pious, we walked her around our house and showed her how she could see 4 churches from our yard. I don't think it worked but it was a righteous visit. Drop by again soon, Steena!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Photo by Stephen M. McDowell, Orlando Sentinel

Congratulations, FLORIDA GATORS!
What an Awesome Game.
You played like the Champions you are!

Chris Leak, Quarterback
Photo by Stephen M. McDowell, Orlando Sentinel

It's never been done before:
Back to Back Championships in NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football
And don't forget that big win on Dancing With the Stars!

Confetti Celebration
Photo By:

Ohio called our defense "an absolute terror." and said "the GATORS "crackled with execution." Said the Buckeye Extra, "The ferocious Florida Gators put Ohio State in a blender, hit the speed button and churned out a 41-14 win that denied the Buckeyes their second national title in five seasons. "

Flaurella's Top 13 Reasons
The Ohio State University
Did NOT win the National Championship

1. The game was only supposed to last 16 seconds.

2. Ginn got hurt celebrating. Had he been 100%, he would have run back a few more kicks.

3. 7.5 weeks off in between games way too long and the layoff effected tOSU timing

4. 5.5 weeks off gave the GATORS too much time to get focused.

5. tOSU thought GATORS tasted like chicken.

6. tOSU defense quit when Florida got up by a mere 27 points.

7. 4th and short on the Ohio St 29? Let's go for it!

7. Florida's Everett played without a helmet.

8. Florida's cleats were too long.

10. Too many award buffets for Troy.

11. Forgot to tell the GATORS they were supposed to Fear the Vest.

Articles for a good read:

Buckeye Extra

Chicago Sun Times

Columbus Dispatch

Orlando Sentinel

USA Today

Gainesville Sun1

Gainesville Sun2

Congrats to Ohio State for having a great season. You played with dignity and integrity. Hopefully we'll meet again in the Final Four this Spring.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Suckiest Week o'the Year

New Year's is my least favorite holiday. In fact, I detest the Eve, the Day and the whole first week of the year, each year, every year. I am always annoyed with the false merriment and the countdown, the stupid hats and obnoxious noisy implements. I also dislike "having" to drink and make merry. I resent having to make resolutions or even pretend to think about them. Yes, the whole New Year ring out the old bring in the new fest gets my vote as the shittiest excuse ever for a celebration.

That said, no, I didn't take a single photo of bubbly champagne, exotic martinis or elegant hors doerves. We didn't go out this year and I refused to watch that stupid ball thing drop or those idiotic TV specials. I did kiss W4D at midnight but it was a sweet old married peck, without tongue. I really hate having to kiss when the exact moment is set in stone. At 12:05AM, 01/01/2007, I marched myself upstairs, put on my flannel nightie and pulled the covers over my head.

New Year's Day dawned warm and balmy and we went to a nice party at June and Bill's where about 50 friends enjoyed many libations, good conversation and a fab traditional Southern New Year's dinner on a huge patio under the trees with linens and real china and crystal. Being a guest is my idea of a great NY Day. The Flaurella will always attend parties on New Year's Day since that means she does not have to cook the hoppin' John nor the greens. To not consume the traditional Southern dinner of collards and black-eyed peas and pork and cornbread would be taking a terrible risk and I don't plan to ever find out what might happen if I don't eat and enjoy the proper lucky foods on the first day of the year.

I still hate the idea of New Year's.

Yes, I am in a foul and grumpy mood.

No, I didn't make any damned resolutions.

No, there will not be any steenkin' photos until I get over my new year's funk.

And yes, I really do love collard greens. I make collards every few weeks during the winter when they are abundant. When I made them a few weeks ago, I made them with white wine and they were really good, if not traditional. And that, reminds me of the worst part about New Year's Day parties.

No leftovers.