Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer Sucks

I've always hated summer. The heat makes me grumpy. My perfect world would have 3 months of winter, 4 months of spring and 5 months of autumn. You will note that summer is not included in my perfect world.

We've already had our first little band of gusty wind and rain from the farthest reaching band from Hurricane Dennis. It lasted less than 10 minutes but much more is on the way.

Poor Florida. We've taken far more than our share of weather this last year. Dennis is predicted to make landfall close to Pensacola. Poor Pensacola had the brunt of last big hurricane of the season last year, the first tropical storm (T.S. Cindy) this year in June and now it looks like Dennis is going to storm onto shore there as well.

Everyone in Florida and along the Gulf Coast of the US is watching this storm closely. It's early in the season to have a storm this strong. The Keys are pretty much evacuated except for the die-hard Conchs who will not leave. I imagine most of SW Florida has moved inland as well. The whole state is in for plenty of wind and rain for the next couple of days but it the storm stays in the middle of the Gulf and doesn't sweep right up the peninsula or the coast, that is the best case scenario.

The orange X in the 4:00PM, July 8th NOAA weather map below is where I live. The NNOAA site is great if you want to track the weather. Here's the URL for the weather screens, loops and static.

Here's hoping that come Monday, we have electricity and no major damage.


Time to batten down the hatches. Hope to be back soon.


Anonymous said...

You keep safe, some of us out here don't know what we would do without you.....
annie p

jackie said...

checking the weather map and thinking good thoughts for you as dennis gets ready to make landfall today. hope your power stays on. hope you don't get any flooding or damage to your home!

check back in when you get back online and let us know you are ok.

Sanne said...

I also cross my fingers for you.

Danish e-hugs

Anonymous said...

Check in when you can please. The family asked me last night how you faired in this last bout of storms-I am hoping all's well and safe w/ you n yours.
Hey-why is it that hurricanes get names yet all my winter storms don't? LOL
many hugs

Flaurella said...

Oh, darlin' Peeps, thank you kindly for your concern. All is well here and even though we are breathing a sigh of relief, we were never even scared during this storm. Last year we had bad weather from foo-foo Bonnie, ugly Charley, fussy Francis, and the worst, mean Jeanne.

I promise that as long as nothing serious happens to the house and more importantly, we don't lose our humongous, 400 year old oak tree, that I shall not complain about wind and rain. That was my promise last year and it still goes.

Look at Jackie's bare feet in the sand! I need a beach trip! If this next storm veers north into the Atlantic away from N. FLA, I am going to head off for some serious sand massage on my tootsies!

Sanne said...

You would love to live in Denmark. The Danes say we have two Winters: one white and one green! :) That's not true, the white one is normally grey, windy and rainy. But we are good at having a cosy time inside with lit candles and hot chocolate. :)

lots of e-hugs
... going to Italy tomorrow morning!