Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Only Good Thing

Have I mentioned that I am sick of summer? I want to be on a cruise to Alaska. I want to be dipping my toes in a glacial waters so cold that it is as thick as syrup. I want to feel the need for a sweater, long pants, a pair of socks. Have I ever mentioned that I hate summer in Florida? No, I didn't think so...

It's too hot to cook. W4D emailed to ask me what I wanted for supper earlier this afternoon and I told him a banana split. I was not kidding. He suggested green beans, sweet potatoes and BBQ pork ribs. Blecch. It is too hot for anything except ice cream, or fruit.

I just ate some lovely, very cold and fresh Bing cherries. I adore fresh cherries. Don't they look delish? They were!
Bing Cherries

I think I will go make a margarita. Rest assured, I am NOT cooking ribs and sweet potatoes and veggies for The Lubricator. I am thinking a taco salad sounds like a possibility and I am not cooking that either. Go food! That's the ticket, Take Out!

Right after I made my margarita, W4D (What's For Dinner, AKA, The Lubricator, DH) pulled in from work. He's been to the produce market. W4D, like most Gainesvillians, loves to go to Ward's Market on the way home from work. Sitting on my kitchen island right now are 2 pounds of fresh green beans, a bag of summer squash, a big head of leaf lettuce, one large eggplant, fresh broccoli, four ears of sweet corn, three pears, two peaches and a nectarine. There may be more but I told him to put it all away because I AIN'T CooKin'!!

BTW, all of the aforementioned produce cost less than six dollars. That's the only, and I do mean ONLY, good thing about summer. Abundant and inexpensive fruit and produce. And even though it does look good, I am NOT cooking. Nope. Nada. Not Tonight.

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Sanne said...

All those nice veggies for less than six dollars!!! You must be kiddin'! Veggies in Denmark are VERY expensive - all seasons, ough! And I am on veggies again, have been eating too much Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and ice creams in Italy. :(

... still alive!