Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I am still grumpy. I don't expect my mood to improve until the end of August when it is once again time for GATOR Football. I hate summer.

In the meantime, I am dodging lightning bolts and trying to cheer myself with a frozen strawberry daiquiri. I froze these so hard that I had to float an extra shot of rum in the glass to slush it up enough to drink. I can't get outside to get some fresh mint for garnish due to lightning.
stawberry daiquiri

Damn! I have to unplug. That last bolt rattled the windowpanes and almost made me spill my beverage.


jackie said...

well--at least yur drink looks fabulous! summer is worth it to me just for the fresh fruit, but then--i don't live in hurricane-ville either. poor flaurella.

ChrisMoose said...

Oooooooooh! I haven't had a strawberry daquari (cripe... can't spell...) daiquiri in ages.... I feel the need to zoom down to Plant City and get me one!!