Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Plumb Tuckered

Another Independence Day and Birthday Bash has been duly celebrated. It was a fab long weekend of celebrations and a good time was had by all -- great food and drink, best friends and dearest family all smooshed together into four days of rolicking good times.

If you know me, you know that I detest summer heat. Take today for example: add 96 degrees to 98% humidity and the temp outside feels like it is 147 degrees of dripping, saturated swamp air. (I am NOT kidding!) I am tired and I need rest so instead of writing about it, here are a few pictures including my cracker doodle birthday gal who is now legally, an adult.

Here's a pic of the cute star ceiling decoration in the kitchen. We decorated inside too, just in case it rained. (It didn't!)

Stars Falling

I made pom-poms for a couple of weeks. There were poms blooming in the shrubs outside, all around the pool and on the gifts. Instead of the usual flowers, Kait got a candy bouquet this year. I think her favorite gift from us was the margarita pitcher and glasses set with the accompanying margarita bar setup. But check out the Chinese take out box. That was one of Kait's gifts, too.

Candy Bouquet

I had a time trying to come up with a clever way to give cash as a gift. I almost made a bouquet of money but the candy bouquet was so cute that I made Greenback Noodles and served them in a take-out container, complete with more pom-pons.

Greenback Noodles

Here's the birthday gal wrapped in a towel, decorating her cake with fresh fruit.

Decorating Her Own Cake

Here's the finished cake. Kaitlin always asks for a patriotic birthday cake. I can't imagine why I never before thought to ask her to decorate it herself. She loves fussing with cakes.

Birthday Cake

Here she is, blowing out the candles yesterday afternoon.

Finally, 21!

She left in time to get home and have a quick nap before heading out with more friends for another birthday gathering but not before she snagged all the leftovers out of the fridge and coolers and loaded the car down with enough food to feed a small army. She took all the pool decorations and the balloons and the banners and flags and after she left, it looked as if a plague of locusts had swept through the house and yard. At least we don't have to eat leftovers!

Happy 21st, Kait.
Hope you don't have a headache today!


Sanne said...

What a nice patriotic birthday party! :) Happy birthday, Kaitlin! :)
Today, it is Bush's birthday and he is visiting Denmark. He will be eating breakfast with our Prime Minister and wife this morning.
All of Denmark is in a whirl of excitement - Circus Bush is in town. ;)
I will go see another GT with dad and DH this Friday and my new job is SO great, more about that in a mail later.

Danish e-hugs

Dee~ said...

Happy BDay Kait!!

What a hoot, Kait takin all the food and decorations with her! I bet she had a great time!

and how long did you boo-hoo afterwards? ;)

Kaitlin said...

What a beautifull entry. I had so much fun and loved everything. We ate all the leftovers already axcept for about 200 pounds of cake that is left. I had such a great time and was so happy spending the day in town. I am still not sure what the amount of money means. Thank you so much for everything I love you and I did not have a headache the next day.