Saturday, July 02, 2005

Statistically Speaking

I participated in the MIT Weblog Survey. It was painless.
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Whole Lotta Hoopla here at Casa Flaurella! The 4th of July is a big deal at our house. We are trying to get the yard and pool ready for a special birthday bash for our DD's 21st and the USA's 229th Independence Day but it keeps raining. Rain is supposed to abate by Monday. I'll believe it when we go a whole day without the wet stuff.

In a little while, we'll drive to town to big up a carload of balloons and more party goods. Back to decorating and cooking. At least I don't have to weed-whack in the rain like W4D is doing as I type.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend. I'll check in as time permits.


Densie~ said...

DD is 21????


she can't be legal yet... she's still a little girl...

Luke said...

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