Friday, July 22, 2005

Living Southern

Summer drags on and on yet the days get away from me. How can that be? Where do they go?

Congrats to my sister, Sharon. Her vintage clothing, millinery and accessory shop, The Twisted Sister, is mentioned in the August 2005 issue of Southern Living Magazine as a great place to shop.

Southern Living

If you are ever in the nabe, stop by Micanopy, (pronounce it "mih-cuh-NO-pee" - not "my can of pee.") just south of Gainesville, Florida, and pop in - or I should say squeeze into the Twisted Sister Boutique and say hey! In addition to all the fab vintage clothing and accessories, you will find a huge selection of hats of all kinds, hundreds of them! If you don't see the perfect chapeau, just let Sharon know what you are seeking and she will make it for you. My sister makes some of the best and most original hats in the South.

Y'all have a good weekend. I'm trying to think of someplace to go where it is cool and refreshing. I'm off to dream of the temperate Swiss Alps or maybe a ski lodge in the Andes. I hear Tasmania is nice this time of year. Guess I'll go turn down the thermostat and pout some more.


Sanne said...

Go to Denmark! We have 10C in the morning and about 15C during daytime - that is pretty cold when going bare legged to work. ;)


PS: I have a guest room in my basement and my DH is great at the Weber - so there's no excuse. :)

Herbert said...

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