Friday, June 30, 2006

Feeling Green

Haven't been feeling well this week.
Hope to be back blogging soon.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Creative Bartending

It is the cocktail hour and we forgot to go to the liquor store earlier this week. We are out of Noilly Prat and there's only enough Grey Goose vodka for a shot. I started digging through the liquor cabinet and found almost a whole quart bottle of vanilla flavored Smirnoff, quarter of a fifth of Blue Curacao and some Rose's Raspberry Infusion. I got out the shaker.

After a few minutes, I had created the BooBerry Martini. We drank them until the Curacao and the infusion stuff ran out. I tossed a few blueberries into each serving since I know that blueberries are powerful anti-oxidants and I probably need some of that since I am certain my oxidants must be on the verge of taking over or at the very least, a serious up-rising.

When it is Hump Day and you are desperate enough, you will drink anything.

Booberry Martini
Blueberries in Deep Space

Blueberry Tooni
A good way to get your recommended
daily requirement of blueberries.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hide and Seek

Oh, those whacky blog searchers and their queries...

"Bright and tight cherry Laurel?" Yep, that's me alright.
Bing Cherries
My Cherry, and more

"Long legs spread open" Wrong blog, buddy. I was writing about a turkey bird dinner.

Sorry, as far as I know, there is no "nutritional value in an appletini"
but they sure taste good.
Appletini  1
Appletini Time

"Bite me" is not a personal invitation, just the name of one of my photo sets on FLICKR.

"Where's the chicken?" and "for the love of jesus christ" are just totally puzzling to Flaurella.

I have those of you covered who are searching for a gator ringing a doorbell. But, I feel sort of sorry for the person out there who was searching for my "image of hard boiled egg." Yes, I have one but how do you know I really hard boiled it?

I'm astounded by how many people sit around all day searching the word "boobs" in blogs. Now that I try to include "boobs, big breasts or juicy melons" in my blog with almost every entry, my hit counter is ticking as fast a geiger counter in Chernobyl.

Picture of Her Huge Juicy Melons!

Friday, June 16, 2006

What a Girl Wants

"Not quite a hurricane" Alberto was a pansy but at least we got lots of nice rain.

It's coming up on two months since we had our best buddy put down. Most of the time now, I am able to talk about him without crying. I sure do miss the little furball and I still haven't gotten used to not having to pick up my car keys silently without jangling them or not having to spell out words like "c-a-r," and "p-o-s-t o-f-f-i-c-e" instead of speaking them. I still find myself saving a few bites of steak or something good to share from my dinner plate. I truly miss talking to the little guy all day long. For 16 years, The Bubba was my constant companion.

I'm not quite ready for another dog. W4D and I have agreed to wait until the end of summer or early fall before we start looking for a new puppy. We are at the point now where we notice all the dogs on TV, in print, or those out and about with their humans. We pet, admire, or discuss every dog we see.

I like a laid back dog that is a lover, not a twitcher, jumper or a fighter. I don't like tremblers or hyper-active or klutzy dogs. We once had an Afghan that was the klutziest dog ever. Labradoodles are supposed to be wonderful dogs. They have the smarts of the Poodle and the temperament of the Lab and they don't shed. I'd like one if they weren't too big to tuck under my arm and tote around or sit on my lap. I like all sorts of dogs but I want one that's scruffy looking, cute, hairy and calm, Type B and eager to please.

OMG! I just described my husband.

Best Buddies at Rodman Dam

Monday, June 12, 2006


Alberto is knocking at our door tonight. We are in the direct path of the expected landfall in North Florida. We have had steady rain all day, a few gusts off and on and a little thunder. Feh. Nothing terrible at this time although, the situation might, just maybe, get a little hairy before dawn.

We aren't expecting too much trouble and we hope we get a lot of rain all along the peninsula to soak the wildfires that are a result of our statewide drought. Hope we don't lose power, get any tree trash or flying debris. Everyone I know is off from work tomorrow and I don't think anyone is too worried about the outcome. I bet we are back in the sunshine by early tomorrow afternoon.

We caught the Pink Martini concert on PBS tonight The lead singer looks better in person, thinner, more glam, sexier, more adorable in real life. Unfortunately, we didn't get the Brazilian Dancers they showed on the tube tonight at our local concert but we still loved it. The Lube was griping about it but too bad. I don't think they paid them enough to bring an extra 25 -30 semi-nekked hotcha Brazilian samba dancers into Gainesville for a little ole concert at the Thomas Center.

I'll check in after Alberto passes. Not sure I can stay awake all night since I have been in "hurricane party mode" all afternoon and evening. It will take a tornado to awaken me if I fall asleep. Let's hope I don't need all my faculties later tonight. :::hick::: Will check in tomorrow unless we don't have power. Unlikely IMHO.

Party on, Hurricane Dudes, Stay Inside and Party On.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lily Lane

Check out the reproductive organs on this lily. Click on it to view it larger.


I think these lilies are a variety of the bigger, all white spider lilies that I also grow in my yard. Each stalk has twelve large striped lilies. If anyone knows the real name of these lilies, please leave me a comment.

Peppermint Lilies

These flowers come up en masse in late May and early June, blooming right after the gladiolus in the same bed. I call it my bulb bed and its about 4 X 35 feet long. It's very pretty when it is in full bloom.

Lily Clusters

W4D weeds and trims my flower beds. I cut and arrange the flowers.
As it should be.

He used to say it was the only time he got any peace and quiet, when he was out working in the yard. But those days are gone. Now that he's a councilman, if he dares go outside, people drive up and start talking politics. He's not getting any yard work done.

He's considering a tall fence. I am considering moving.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big Boobs, Crispy Calamari

Last week, we sat in a nice little bistro and drank Martini's and Bellini's, nibbling calamari while we watched the well-heeled shoppers drop their cars off at the Valet Entrance to the Mall at Millennia in Orlando. We amused ourselves by counting boob jobs. The obvious rate was 30% but that didn't include questionable breasts, just those bosoms where there was no doubt of surgical enhancement.

To note over 30% of the female population in one place sporting boob jobs is considerable in Florida so we believe there may be a correlation between valet parking and breast augmentation. Perhaps, it's just that bored women who shop and drive expensive cars are all seeking eternal uplift and giant, protruding chests. Maybe the rich husbands of the Millennia shoppers are paying to pump up their wives' bosoms for their own satisfaction. We don't know why we saw so many huge, augmented jiggling chests in one spot but it was fun watching The Lubricator keeping count. Keep the Bellini's coming and I'll count whatever, whenever.

Last night, The Lube came home wagging a bottle of King Fish Shiraz. It was pretty tasty and I quite liked it until I went to their web site today and found that you can also buy it by the box. Whomever invented boxed wine should be drawn and quartered.

Pictures from my Orlando trip are here. View the slideshow for the fastest delivery.

Marriott Colors