Thursday, March 31, 2005

Waiting on the Cable Guy

Thursday after Easter, nine hardboiled eggs down, three to go. I knew it would take us a while to eat a whole dozen HB eggs. Tired of looking at eggs so it's egg salad for lunch.

Everyone knows how to make egg salad. Mine is basic but pretty decent. Coarsely dice the hard boiled eggs and use lots of freshly chopped celery and plenty of spring onions. If you don't have spring onions on hand, finely dice some regular white onion and add a smattering of fresh, or if it's all you have - dried chives, as a substitute. Use good mayonnaise, not the fake stuff and then liberally add dill weed and a little salt and some freshly ground pepper. Dill weed makes egg salad taste like springtime.

Don't serve your egg salad on light bread. "Light bread" is what we in the South call that crappy Wonder Bread type doughy stuff that you should never eat anyway. Find a slice of hearty whole grain bread if you are going to consume bread carbs. I prefer bread that has assorted whole grains - good and crunchy. So, take your slice of good bread, add a thick layer of fresh egg salad and then top that with a high heap of mesclun greens.

Mesclun greens are assorted baby greens, not that iceberg lettuce that tastes like cardboard. Save the iceberg lettuce for when you are having something that requires shredded cardboard as a garnish. Anyway, pile those baby greens (I buy it already mixed and washed and always have it in the fridge) up high, pour yourself a nice glass of white wine and enjoy your lunch.
BTW, how could you possible eat that light bread crap?? And no, I don't like tomato on my egg salad. If I want tomato, I'll eat a tomato and lettuce sandwich so don't get me started.

Yes, I am grumpy. I have waited all day on the cable dude to arrive and install boxes for my HBO which they switched to digital which is fine but I can't sit here all day and wait for them. Grrrr. Communicom promised me he would be here within a certain hour. I even let them choose the hour. No show and I am ticked. I shall seek revenge tomorrow.

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