Monday, March 28, 2005


Windy as a cuss today but at least the sun was shining. Everything outside is freshly washed, a thousand shades o'green and blooming. The fat robins and red breasted tourists have headed North. After Easter, all the snowbirds head home. Driving is a lot less complicated when one doesn't have to keep a constant eye out for vintage Cadillac's the size of Sherman tanks piloted by little white headed Q-Tips who never look where they are going even if they might once in a while be able to see over the dash.

Give me back my state, please! It's time for snakes, bugs, rabid gators and hurricanes so everyone who doesn't need to be here should kindly evacuate immediately. Thankyew in advance.

This spring, I am looking forward to visiting the Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History. Everyone says it is delightful. We have many beautiful butterflies in Florida and the University of FL has a really dandy Natural History department.

After you view the link above, click Home on that page and read more about it. And, if you love butterflies as do I, you will enjoy visiting Eclectica's Butterfly micro site. Have a look, brighten up your day. Go ahead, you'll like it. ::::nudge::::nudge::::

It's Abundanza Night here at the old house so I am not going to take pix of leftovers even if they do look delish.


Susan Elizabeth said...

Love those butterflies!

And sorry to say that those snowbirds are LEAVING the NC mountains. You can have them! (hehehe)

We're ready for spring, aren't we!

hugs and hulas

W4D said...

Happy trails to them Yankies, remember "keep the sun in your rearview mirror"
It always seems so silly when they crowd around the last fruit stand heading north were they find sun beaten oranges and strawberries picked last month when the big rig that just blew by them on I-75 will deliver them fresh fruit were ever they live.


Flaurella said...

Greetings Hula Gal!
Spring arrives and the snowbirds fly north.
Life is good!

Flaurella said...

HellooOOOooo W4D, you handsome hunk of manhood! Welcome to my humble a-blog. Why dontcha come up and see me sometime?