Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Up To My Ears

I am up to my ears, in ... well, earrings. There are 56 pairs of vintage earrings on my desk as I work on an update for Eclectica Vintage Jewelry. Photographing earrings is tedious. Then try being glib as you write 56 unique descriptions. Argh! The only thing that soothes me during updates is mellow music.

Am listening to that darlin' boy, John Mayer. The CD is "Room for Squares" and I am addicted to it. Must pick up his latest CD, "Heavier Things," soon. I often listen to his HT album online from his website but must own it. Here's the web site for "Heavier Things." Oh, I am sure all you young whipper-snappers have been turned on to John Mayer for ages but this ol--err, mature lady, only discovered him in January. That boy has the soul of a poet. Now, if I could just figure out how to introduce him to my daughter...

Didn't plan anything for supper tonight. Will ask DH to pick up go food on his way home from JAX since all I did all day was fiddle with earrings. The good news is that my burger fantasy was fulfilled last night. It was 6 inches long, I measured. Don't have a cow, man. Only an inch of it was ground sirloin, the rest was a huge slab of juicy, red tomato, fresh bakery bun and two inches of spring lettuces.


Annie P. said...

Ummm, don't you mean the burger is 6 inches "TALL?" 'Cause a 6 inch long hunk o' meat right off the grill would be - yes, dare I say it? A hot dog! I'm thinking tee many martoonies!

Flaurella said...

Ummm, actually, I meant to type "tall" but you know my brain was thinking "long." Okay, you caught me.

I am now going to bed to dream of 10 inch long burgers and don't you dare say a word about it!

Elwin said...

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