Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

Why do colored eggs taste so good this time of year? I probably eat eggs two or three times a month. I maybe eat hardboiled eggs two or three times per year. Still, I am compelled to color eggs every Easter. Unless I make deviled eggs, it will take us a week to eat a dozen hard boiled.
I like the colors of my eggs.
Easter eggs make me smile.

I cheat on my cookies. I make Italian Biscotti twice a year from my MIL's recipe, bake off 20 dozen and freeze in small batches. Then, I can decorate them with fondant and sprinkles as needed. The secret of good biscotti is to use anise oil, never anise extract. It must be the oil and it's hard to obtain. I special order it from the pharmacy. I wonder why pharmacies carry it and not grocery stores?
I usually make round biscotti.

If you make a loaf, you have to cut it and it breaks easily.
Round is easier.

Fish for supper. It's Good Friday.


The Duke of URL said...

First, what is biscotti?

Second, if you really, really, really like Easter eggs, google for psanky. These are a Ukrainian tradition, hand-crafted, and are quite stunning. Also, you might want to google for Faberge Easter eggs. These eggs, ordered for years by the Tsars, are quite fabulous. The guilloche enamel backgrounds are encrusted with diamonds, rubies, pearls, emeralds, you name it, and they always open to show a surprise! I saw the Forbes Museum collection before it sold them back to the former USSR. Truly unbelievable craftsmenship. Try it, you'll like it!

Flaurella said...

Biscotti is an Italian anisette cookie. They go well with coffee or red wine. Italians dunk biscotti in the wine. -- And, I love those intricate Ukranian eggs and of course, Faberge' eggs are the finest ever. I was just looking at the Faberge' egg collection last week.