Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

A relaxing Easter for us this year. We had a laid back morning with wheat waffles topped with mounds of fresh strawberries and of course colored, hard boiled eggs and vanilla coffee. DH did the breakfast cooking, serving and cleaning. This is the first year ever that I didn't cook Easter Dinner for the family. We ate at Bonefish. As always, it was delish.

We took our buddy David with us since his wiffy, best buddette Cathy, is out of town visiting her mom. Two handsome dudes and l'il ole me for Easter dinner? Yippee Ky Oh!

Seated at 3:00, everyone had a cocktail - I had a huge Lemon Drop martini :::slurp::: and then, we had Calamari and "Bang Bang" Shrimp for appetizers. This turned out to be all we needed for dinner but like brain-dead piglets, we kept stuffing ourselves.

We all had the massive house salad of mixed greens, tomato, feta cheese, kalamata olives, herbs and pine nuts. By now, I am REALLY totally stuffed. I cannot eat another bite. Everyone is flushed and has puffy cheeks.

Oops. Our waiter, Dan the Man, forgot to bring the bread and the herbed dipping oil. Oh, my! How can I possibly eat this warm bread that I can soak in herbs and virgin olive oil? Woe is me, I'll have to force myself. After all, it is a holiday.

Dinner arrives and DH has the Pistachio Parmesan Crusted Rainbow Trout with artichokes and lemon butter. David selects the Ahi Tuna topped with lump crabmeat, asparagus and rich lemon butter sauce. I have selected the Mahi (that's dolphin, the fish, not the mammal) topped with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and lemon basil sauce. Delicioso! We nibbled and cooed and each managed to put away some seafood as well as a bit of our potatoes au gratin and the yummy steamed carrots with tarragon but we each ended up taking half or more of our dinners home in go boxes and waddled out of the restaurant. Hey, I didn't even have my usual chocolate martini for desert. I hate it when I eat too much.

But, we now have more dinner selections for tomorrow night . Monday night at our house is "Abundanza Night." I clear out all the leftovers each Monday night. Period. Eat it or toss it. Usually, we have a pretty interesting blend of foods and something for every taste. But now that there are just the two of us, we have to eat our way through several country's cuisines and odd combinations each Monday night. It's tough duty but someone has to do it.

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Your friend in Little Rock said...

Well, well, well! I don't know whether to eat some fish, grow some flowers, find a couple of good looking men to take me out to dinner or what! You are a FINE blogger.

Your friend in Little Rock

Flaurella said...

HellooOOOooo, Little Rock!
Thanks for dropping by.

Sanne said...

Vanilla coffee! Sounds great. :)
Do you have a recipe?
Congratulations on your new blog.
I had to make myself a blog just to post this message - how smart is that! :( But perhaps I will start blogging one day. :)

lots of e-hugs from Denmark

Flaurella said...

Hi Sanne,
Gosh, no recipe needed! We just buy the coffee already ground with vanilla flavor. The brand we buy is "Don Francisco, Vanilla Nut." You can visit their website at:

Flaurella said...
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