Monday, April 30, 2007

Until Wednesday

Entrance to Fountain of Youth
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I have just returned from a righteous Martini Binge in the oldest, permanent city in the continental USA. I wasn't ready to come home but W4D couldn't stand any more of my nerves that manifest as meanness when I know I must attend to torturous dental procedures in weeks hence. So, this morning, he called my dentist Robin, and got my root canal moved up 16 days. I go in the morning. GACK!

You will remember perhaps, that a couple of weeks ago after 9 shots, they couldn't get my jaw numb enough to do the root canal. They sent me home without the procedure and I took mega doses of antibiotics for 10 days. I guess Novocain is rendered useless in the presence of pus, abscess and infection?

Enough about that. I don't want to talk about it.

Instead, I will show you the Fountain of Youth, as discovered by Juan Ponce de León on 1513.

Maybe I will show you more after I wake up from all the lovely drugs.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Flaurella, we know you can do it!

Much love from Nudo Lane

jk said...

my thoughts & prayers go out to you and your family...(snicker,snort)hang in there sweets maybe you can sell your roots on ebay.....

Flaurella said...

Thanks Nudo and JK. Good idea....naked molar with cracked root on eBay with a crown you can pop on and off for salacious thrills...