Tuesday, April 03, 2007

National CHAMPS Again

Yesterday, Gainesville PD and the Public Works folks were sky high in rented cherry pickers spraying PAM on the light poles and traffic light arms over University Ave. It's pretty darned funny and clever of them to grease the poles. For some reason, rabid GATORS are driven to scale utility poles, street lights, signs and trees during victory celebrations. The police were prepared this time. After all, they've had a bit of practice lately with NC victory celebrations here in Title Town.

They skipped going Pro, came back for the joy of it all and they repeated. What a team! I liked this Sports Illustrated article by Gene Wojciechowski

Since W4D gave me my lucky gold Gator ring, we've won 3 National Championships in 365 days. I am never taking off this ring again. I now have my sandwich championship.

NCAA 2006 Basketball Champs
NCAA 2006 Football Champs

NCAA 2007 Basketball Champs

We are the first and only program to hold both NC titles at the same time. How sweet is that? The Buckeyes are Gator Bait yet again and the boys from old Florida leave a legacy as well as a Championship sweep of Ohio State. It was the first time the same schools had played for both National titles in one academic year. UF is the first school to win both titles in the same year and the first team since Duke in 1991 and 1992 to win back-to-back titles in men's basketball. 68 Billy Ball wins in two seasons. Life is good.

BTW, a few agile fans still were able to shimmy up the slick street lights but most slid harmlessly back to the ground. Since you can't grease a palm tree, those were easily scaled. It was a dandy celebration. I'm waiting on the kidlet to zap me some photos. Will share if/when they arrive.

Congrats to Coach Donovan and the 2007 Florida GATORS!
Coach Meyer, now it's your turn again.

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