Friday, April 27, 2007


Originally uploaded by flaurella.

I never have time to blog these days. Besides, something's been eating my parsley.


jk said...

quick get the dinosaur spray!

Anonymous said...

Look here now, you can't fool a college student! That there is a plastic dinosaur. I am wearing my UALR Trojan freshman toggery as I speak. I am tres, tres, chic:)

Feeling silly in HSV

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's the same Komodo dragon that bit off Sharon Stone's ex's foot!

Flaurella said...

I wonder if you can buy dinosaur spary at Wal-Mart?

Flaurella said...

UALR Freshman Toggery totally rocks! I should know... I design it!

Flaurella said...

Yeah. Poor ole Komodo Foot. She divorced his hairy butt faster than the tooth marks healed.

When an eel lunges out and it bites off your snout, that's a Moray. Laa laa laaaaah!