Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Green Enough For Ya?

Hydrangea Leaves
Originally uploaded by flaurella.

After three days of soaking, slow rain, everything here is so green and lush that it makes you sigh when you walk outside. Long gone are the first colorful Spring blossoms like the Japanese magnolias and azaleas, camelias, bridal veil and usual stuff. Now we are down the lush, vivid greens in every hue and shade.

Soon everything will bloom in the richness of summer and I will be complaining about the heat.

Eff Me. I Hate Summer.

And that's about as much of a post as you are likely to read within the next month due to the most horrible pending dental woes imaginable and my suddenly being married to a very old man. I think I shall soon have to break out the blue hair dye and start eating dinner at 3:30 PM to keep up with W4D.

It sucks getting old even when it is Spring.

Bite Me, People.

There. I feel better now.



L said...

nice photo though :)

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