Thursday, May 03, 2007


It didn't go well at the dentist, nor later at the endodontist. I will be getting anesthesia from the oral surgeon next week. This weekend, I am going back to a little cottage on the beach until Thursday when the surgeon does his thing.

Since I can't think of anything but dental tortures, here's some more pictures of St. Augustine. This is the view looking south from the outside of the Fountain of Youth, which is really a spring a couple of hundred yards from the Bay.

St. Augustine Florida

Same spot but looking north. These live oaks are only about 100 years old. That gray shaggy stuff in the trees is Spanish Moss. The tabby (oyster) wall sourrounds the Fountain tourist attraction.

Live Oak lined street

The wall is taller than I and I could hear peacocks screaming inside. Peacocks are beautiful but they are mean.

Tabby Wall, St. Augustine

I wonder how long it would take W4D and I to eat enough oysters to make a tabby wall? I guess we would eat about 6 or 8 dozen a day, every day. At that rate, it would take us about a year to make each section if we could eat them year 'round, which would be impractical and unhealthy. One doesn't eat fresh local oysters in the summer time.

St. Augustine Tabby Wall

Instead of a wall of oyster shells, I am going to make walkway and garden borders in my yard out of wine bottles. That will surely add to the value of our house and delight our neighbors.


jackie said...

UGH. sorry about your dental woes, woman. as a person with an large and irrational and uncoltrollable fear of the deantist, i have a lot of empathy for what you are going through. i just wish for your sake that they would get it over with already!!! thinking good thoughts for you.

that oyster shell wall is awesome.

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Jackie. I'll drown my fears at the beach for a few days and stay busy so that I don't have time to freak out, I hope.

We are taking Tucker on his first road trip. I have sworn that he is not going in the Atlantic or running in the sand, what a mess tht would be. We'll see if that promise sticks.