Friday, May 04, 2007

Run for the Roses Saturday

Kentucky Bourbon -- check.
Kentucky Bourbon

Simple Syrup -- freshly steeped and chilled
Pitcher of Simple Syrup

Fresh Mint -- potted and on the sundeck ready to smoosh and sniff.
Spearmint for Derby Day

Julep Cups -- washed and polished
Roses on the table -- check
Derby Cups and Roses

Tomorrow on Derby Day, we'll drink to the memory of Barbaro and all who fought so hard to save that magnificent horse.

I hope the Queen wears a lovely hat.

Okay, who is gonna invite us over for the race?
I'll bring the julep fixin's and the cheese straws.

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jackie said...

thinking about you, lady. hope all is well. i also tagged you to do a meme, which i never do. no pressure...