Monday, August 14, 2006

She Likes the Long Ones

The Lubricator and I drove down to a little mountain town for supplies and decided to walk the outdoor flea market. He had been fishing a few times and wasn't catching anything. I would have used canned corn (is that legal bait?) but the Lube was using a little spinner and it wasn't catching any fish. He wanted to look for some wiggle worm lures.

While I was across the aisle admiring piggy pot holders and little gingham dresses so your dish detergent bottles don't have to sit on the counter naked, I saw W4D browsing a table run by two middle aged women. Their booth was loaded with fishing lures and baggies of plastic worms in all colors and sizes. The Lube had a bag of long black worms with blue sparkles in one hand and a bag of short motor oil worms with purple sparkles in the other. He called me over and held both out.

"Flaurella, do you prefer a long one or a short one?"

I rolled my eyes at the ladies behind the table and we all smirked and then cracked up. None of us could believe that a man had actually voiced that question. I was laughing so hard I had to walk away. W4D just stood there with a confused look on his face wondering why I didn't answer his question.

When I got around to opening the bag of "worms," two days later this is what I found:

Creepy Bait
Creepy Bait

I gather W4D was planning on catching some really large fish. These creepy salamander lures are 8 inches long. At least he knows what size I like.


ChrisMoose said...

My mans long worm has been itching. Is this a sign?

Flaurella said...

I think it means the fish are biting.

Happy to be of assistance.

Sanne said...

I'm sure they would look great for Halloween, put them on troll hazel sprigs.

About worm size - they may also be too long! But as long as they look good it's OK! ;)


Kim said...


lures. he was talking lures.

Flaurella said...

Yes, they can be too long. You can't catch a small fish on a big worm but you can catch a big fish on a little worm. W4D says a trout would have snapped up the creepy salamanders. Yep, they are creepy enough for Halloween. Good idea!

Flaurella said...


Of course he was talking lures.

So was I. :::blink:::