Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hurricane Ernesto turned out to be a fluffer.

Tropical Storm Ernesto
Ernesto pictured in pink.
NOAA Image from 8/30/06

Ernesto? What a dumb name for a hurricane. Still, after 8 hurricanes striking Florida in the last 2 years, I hope the down-graded Ernesto is the worst storm we see this season. Hardly noticed he is here.

The Flaurella's powerful red aura reigns supreme.


jackie said...

i am glad you guys escaped some hurricane wrath, but man, ernesto is still ruining my day. it's going to rain not only on the outdoor concert i am supposed to go to tonight, but also on the wedding in PA i am going to this weekend. stupid ernesto!

Flaurella said...

I'm sorry he's headed your way. The concert will probably be a wash but the wedding may escape bad weather. Remind the bride that rain on the wedding day is good luck and tavel safely.

The sun is out here today and it feels like a steam bath outside. I'd much prefer it hadn't stopped raining.

Kim said...

I'm sure it's a relief! We'll have three straight days of rain up here in Ohio as a result of Ernie, those loose storms never seem to know how to just pass on by. I'm glad Ernesto was a wimp and you didn't sustain any damage.

Flaurella said...

Hope you have a sunny Labor Day weekend. Hope we have one, too. Tired of rain and humidity. Have a good holiday!