Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Naked Women Cooking Fish?

I can help you blog searchers with things like Sparkletini, the fastest way to chill white wine, diamond slippers, cork wreaths, vamping (amazing how many people are searching "vamping") and muffin jokes but the best search hit I had all week was the one for "naked women cooking fish." Golly. I don't even remember telling you about that. And, Flaurella is still puzzled as to why anyone would want a 1.5 ounce bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Jeeze! Go for the 1.75 litre bottle!

Usually, I like what I cook. I have a good palate and combine flavors well. While this dish wasn't truly awful, it just didn't float my boat. I grilled salmon and served it with penne pasta in a sauce made of butter, cream and parmesan cheese, colored with some leftover broccoli, some red sweet pepper and edamame. I didn't like the cream sauce with fish. Blame my father, he would never eat anything dairy on the same table with fish. I must have inherited the cream doesn't go with fish gene from him. We love edamame as a snack, hot or cold, but I didn't like it with fish or with pasta, to say nothing of in cream sauce.

Therefore, I warn you, do NOT try this dish at home. Blecch.
Salmon with penne
Salmon with penne in cream sauce w/
edamame, baby spinach and tomatoes


Laura(southernxyl) said...

It looks pretty, though.

Flaurella said...

Yes, it looked nice and even tasted okay. It wasn't truly terrible or anything, I just wasn't impresssed with my culinary expertise for this meal. Usually family and guests rave about my food and I normaly am impressed with my own cooking. This time I was not. Just didn't care for the combination.

I stand by my review... an Alfredo type sauce just doesn't zing with salmon. If you try sonething similar and like it, LMK your recipe. I'll have another go.

Sanne said...

I'm on the South Beach diet, have to loose 4-5 kilos, deep sigh! So I think this meal looks fabulous! :) The diet is OK then, breakfast is worst - all those damn eggs! I miss my bread with cheese, I still have my nice cup of tea though. I weighed myself this morning - already lost a kilo, four to go! Have started exercising too, I feel VERY saved! :)


jackie said...

something about that photo makes me feel hot--like it's something to eat in the winter. i think i will stick with my white wine and lime for summer. which by the way, is perfect for south beach, sanne--yell if you want the recipe. :)

i don't know about that whole naked cooking thing though--stuff can splatter!

Lenard said...

It won't truly have success, I suppose this way.