Friday, June 08, 2007


It's been a while. Been busy running up and down the east coast of Florida for the last month in between various, sundry and expensive dental tortures. Beach pix from the length of the coast may follow if I make time. But important news first - at 5:15 this morning, we sent the kidlet through the X-ray machine to a plane bound for Japan for four months. Who says being a professional lifeguard doesn't have its perks?

First darlin' daughter flew to Atlanta from JAX (Jacksonville, Florida) and then she hopped a Boeing 777 to Narita airport serving Tokyo, Japan. You can track her here for about the next 6 or 7 hours.

Flight tracking
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As I type, She's flying over the Bering Sea and in Alaska Terroritirial waters. I hope she looks for the crab boats featured in Deadliest Catch since that is one of Kaitlin's and my favorite TV programs. (You think she can see them from 36,000 feet?) Upon arrival, she'll take the bullet train to the Navy Command Center Base at Yokasuka, about 40 miles south of Tokyo and have three bases in Japan where she will lifeguard, teach swimming and water safety.

Our daughter comes from a long line of lifeguards: her father and I were both lifeguards as was her aunt and her grandfather. She knows a peach of a job when she finds it.

I will admit that I cried just like I left her off at kindergarten when we watched her plane take off this morning.

Kaitlin will be in Japan until October. She'll celebrate her birthday there on July 4th. I miss her already.

Well, off to watch the shuttle light up the sky here in North Florida.
Godspeed Kaitlin and Atlantis.


foofoolamarr said...

Godspeed, Kait! I know you're already there, so fer Buddha's sake, call your mom when you wake up! Details! We want details!

Flaurella said...

If she doesn't phone home soon, I am going to fly to Japan and shake some sense into her. She's been gone 3.5 days and we don't know if she got there safely.