Thursday, June 28, 2007

Grand Opening

Hi, Hunnies, I'm home. I know it's been a while but I have been on the road and/or having way too much fun to blog.

During my travels last week, I saw this scrawled in white paint on the rear window of a Nissan in South Carolina:

Justin and Melissa
Just Married

Made me laugh.
They were very young so yes indeed, it may have been the Grand Opening.

Here's what I am drinking tonight out of one of my infamous blue balls martini glasses. It's Raspberry Sparkletini and Grape Vodka, half and half, very cold, garnished with a cherry.

Cherry Blue

Yep, I call it Blue Balls with a Cherry on top.

A hearty welcome to all you blue balls and cherry searchers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds delighful! Is thete a female equivalent of blue balls?

Curious in HSV

Flaurella said...

Dear Anon in HSV,

Yes, I am told there is a cure for this condition in women. You might start here:

Note: Flaurella does not endorse nor promote any of the products from Spicy Gear shown above. In fact, her eyes bugged out when she saw them all!

Anonymous said...

Kripes, my eyes are bugged out too. The contraptions they come up with these days!

Not so curious anymore in HSV