Monday, June 18, 2007

Anata no koto wo kangaeteiru

Daughter Kaitlin and her roomie Kim have been assigned to Negishi, a smaller base about 18 miles from Yokosuka. She started teaching swimming today and I believe this is a pic of the pool. She thinks she will be in Negishi through July and them have other assignments in August and September. They put her up in the Bachelors Officer's Quarters (BOQ). Kaitlin is very pleased that she has good digs and maid service.

She has seen her first Japanese ladies wearing kimono and eaten her first real Japanese foods. She told me "I love you," in Japanese. I think I detected just a trace of homesickness in her voice. Still no internet but she and Kim are having that set up on Wednesday. I can't wait to email her and see photos.

"Anata no koto wo kangaeteiru" means "I'm thinking of you."
Love, Momsie


foofoolamarr said...

Anata no koto wo kangaeteiru....

We're thinking about you, Kait, and all the neat stuff you are seeing first-hand....

Also jealous about the maid service.

Now, dammit! What about sushi, Macau, trips, and photos? Mount Fuji? Bullet train interior? Street signs? C'mon, give us a bit of a preview!

Celeste said...

This is great!