Thursday, June 14, 2007


Koi Pond at Ft. Lauderdale hotel

Watching fish swim is so relaxing. I would love to have a koi pond at home but I think our native raccoons, hawks and osprey might find them a little too colorful and delish to resist.

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foofoolamarr said...

You can easily make a koi pool from one of those plastic kiddie pools from the Martus of Wal. Then you need to cover it with chicken wire or the like. I have a neighbor with a koi pool. The coons don't bother to fish for koi, but they have learned to break into the garage where the koi food is stored.

After they (the humans) put a humane trap in, the coon just brought along a ball, which he wedged under the door of the trap so he wasn't enclosed, and a screwdriver in the event he needed something more to escape. And here I thought raccoons were dumb. They're not.