Thursday, December 07, 2006

Too Depressed for Words

I am so totally bummed. We didn't get our tickets to the BCS National Championship game in Arizona. I think the method of selecting who eventually received tickets was fixed and I am really angry with W4D's Gator Club. We could still go out West and enjoy hanging out in the atmosphere of a Championship game but but we wouldn't get to actually be in the arena. Maybe we should use that four grand for a nice vacation or toward that RV I want to buy. I dunno. Guess we'll talk about it tonight and try to make a plan. I just cannot believe we didn't get tickets and won't get to see the Championship Game. Dammit. I am so depressed.

Fly to Vegas, watch the game on TV
Drive to Arizona and hang out anyway
Cruise to the Caribbean and watch on satellite
Plan a trip to Italy for Spring
Go buy that 2006 gunmetal 4 Runner I have had my eye on
Remain near the Swamp and have a huge party
Stay home nekked and pout and watch it on the tube

Crap. Now I will have to buy Christmas presents.
Bah humbug.

Autumn on the River Styx
Autumn afternoon on the River Styx
Where depressed GATORS go to
Weep over not getting BCS Tickets.


Sanne said...

Poor you! Go buy that car! Buying cars really helps - I know! I'm depressed too, didn't win the Christmas heart competition here at work. My colleague won - by making a bad, tasteless copy of my gorgoeus heat (will send you photo later). I'm a really bad looser, but a GREAT winner!

Tonight, my company hosts a Christmas party, with spouses, and DH is ill, ough! I really want him to participate, but he looks like an old dog ready for destruction. Perhaps I should make the most of the occasion and flirt with all my male colleagues. ;)

Have a great weekend, and thanks for your sweet winter mail. I am SO damn busy (too!), but will mail asap.

lots of e-hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Flaurel, hope your day was as special as you are and your new year is all that you hope for!!

Big hugs,