Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pig Parts Everywhere

Jaws of Death!

All the Gators around Flaurel's house have little piggies in their powerful jaws. We here in The Swamp had eggs, pancakes, link sausage, sausage patties and bacon for breakfast. We practically overdosed ourselves on PORK.

We know what they are eating for breakfast in Arkansas this morning

Congratulation to my Florida GATORS
2006 SEC Champions!

It was an exciting game.
Kudos to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

They played with talent and heart.

The GATORS are now 12 and 1 and we'll find out this evening who we'll be playing in the BCS. The Gator Nation is very excited about the possibilities. W4D has already booked a hotel in Mesa, Arizona since that's the closest accommodations he could find in the Glendale proximity. While I wanted a trip out west this year, I was thinking about March or April, not a month from now. We'll see what happens.

Those of you who bet on Arkansas will be receiving my "Sorry Hogs" Consolation Prize. I'll post a photo later this week since I don't wish to spoil the surprise you will be receiving in the mail.

Now, do we want Ham or Pork Tenderloin or BBQ Butt for supper?
It's difficult to make a choice when you have so many pig parts lying about...

Party Gator

2006 SEC Champs!


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Flaurella said...

Yassum! May our dreams come true! I'll be blogging from Arizona next month. Whoo-Hoo!

Anonymous said...

ACK! That hurts!

Missing you in HSV