Friday, December 22, 2006


The holiday menus were done and the marketing lists compiled last evening. W4D volunteered to do the food shopping. As I have mentioned many times, the man loves to grocery shop. Fine by me.

I make organized grocery lists by section; produce, bakery, frozen, meats and then groceries and dry goods by aisle. Since I don't get all giddy at the thought of grocery shopping like some un-named spouses, I have a plan that gets me in and out with the least steps and the least wasted time. W4D considers a trip to the market as a joy to savor and can spend hours browsing. Me? I gotta get in, I gotta get out.

Anyway, on my list were several kinds of fancy bakery cookies since I didn't yet get time to bake. Oh, I will make some Pizelle tomorrow or Sunday and bake more next week but I wanted a few nice cookies that I could technically pass off as my own in case people stop by for coffee over the weekend before I have time to bake.

As a kid, my mother always made Pfeffernusse, those little German spicy treats with cloves, allspice, cinnamon and honey that are covered with a mountain of powdered sugar. W4D had never eaten pfeffernusse before we met. To me, they are a Christmas tradition. No time to bake - go buy me some!

This afternoon, W4D, armed with his lovely wife's perfectly organized grocery list, marched into the bakery and asked the elderly clerk where the Farfengnugen were located.


Yes, please, I want some Farfenguggen.

Poor confused old cookie clerk.
Eventually W4D showed her the list.

Ah, you want zee Pfeffernusse!

In other news, later in the afternoon, W4D sent me a photo of an adorable yellow and black convertible VW Bug that is for sale at our fave car dealer. It's a darling car and I've always wanted a yellow and black convertible bug but we don't need another small car and I just funded my IRA today and I don't do car payments. No yellow Beetle Bug for moi this December.

Tiny Tree
Tiny Tree sits on my desk


Sanne said...

You know "pepper nuts"? It is one of our favourite Danish cookies during December. :) It is called the same in Danish. I survived Christmas, ate too much, slept in the middle of the day and are now back to work. Ahhr, I could use some days off. I have absolutely NO energy. I almost look forward to training and carrots now.

lots of e-hugs

PS: The VW Beetle is a bad car, don't buy it, DH is a VW specialist and he says so, but it is very cute, much like Herbie. :)

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