Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rock My World

Yes, we had a 6.0 earthquake in Florida on Sunday.

No, I didn't even notice it.

People from Louisiana to South Florida to North Carolina felt it. People who live very near us were all talking about the rocking and rolling that lasted almost 20 seconds. It was big news, yet we never felt a thing.

I'm disappointed that I missed it. I can't even blame a martini since the earthquake happened a couple of minutes before 11:00AM on Sunday morning and I was sitting right here at the computer desk, sober as a judge.

We had a previous earthquake from the same epicenter last February. I didn't notice that one either. Florida has had earthquakes before but I may never get to feel the action. I think living in a 123 year old house that is elevated above the ground on piers with huge old beams must absorb the motion better than a house on a slab foundation. All I know is I never felt a thing. Bummer.

Drats. I missed it.


Sanne said...

Who is that pretty looking lady in the old photo - a relative?

Have a great day over there.


jackie said...

i slept through an earthquake in LA that cracked the ceiling over my head, buckled highways, and caused massive mayhem. i, too, missed the whole thing. that's jet lag for ya. :)

Flaurella said...

While we have old pictures of our relatives hanging on lots of walls, this lady is not a relative. I bought her photo because I liked her accessories but I don't know who she was. Maybe some day, I will take pictures of more dead relatives. :)) In the meantime, there are a few in my "Who Is" FLICKR photo set at:

Flaurella said...

Well, I've never felt an earthquake so maybe I wouldn't know one if I felt it. Still, you'd think I would have felt a 6.0. W4D and our daughter who was here at the time didn't notice it either. ::shrug:: Glad you didn't have anything crash down on you! Wouldn't want to wake up that way.