Friday, September 22, 2006

Pet Nostalgia

It's been 5 months since we lost our best buddy and we plan to start looking for puppies tomorrow. We're not in a hurry but it's time to start looking. Nothing else to write about on the last day of summer (yaye!) so watch this cute old 1951 Warner Brother's cartoon and have a dandy weekend.


foofoolamarr said...

What a Blast From The Past! Notice how the housewife is wearing Joan Crawford f*** me shoes and seamed stockings. While she's vacuuming and baking cookies. Yeah, right. Not to mention the red-lacquered nails.

Also, when she's baking, there's a perfectly good measuring cup, but she freehands the milk.

But you gotta love the full orchestra! Roll on, Merrie Melodies!

jk said...

loved it...nothing better than saturday morning cartoons 1959-1965 - made me smile!!!!!!!!