Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updating Our Crap

I am so behind the times. Just received our new passports and it has been a long time since renewal. Our daughter did get a new passport 2 years ago for her job in Japan. However, our passports, unlike Kait's, now have computer chips inside. Apparently, all we have to do is look for the symbol at immigration stations at entry points and wave our passports at a chip symbol sign and we are in (or out) like flint.

Technology can be pretty cool.

Aging is another story but it beats the alternative.


Sanne said...

It definately beats the alternative. With your great weightloss I think you look fab! Can't wait to hearing all about your trip. :)

Flaurella said...

You do realize that that is the old passport picture from 1974? LOL!

site said...

We here at The Muslims Are Coming! are pleased as non-alcoholic punch that our campaign has had such an amazing start! We knocked the first half of this campaign outta the park and we can't THANK YOU enough. So THANK YOU. Here's another: THANK YOU.