Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Swim Lesson

Swim Lesson - 2 Months Old
Originally uploaded by flaurella
Here's Baby Binks at two months old with her Poppy teaching her to swim in our pool. The water temp was 76 degrees that day and way too cold for Mommy or Daddy (not to call them whimps) but our little Binks is a real trooper.

Poppy is teaching her to kick in this slide show and yours truly (Glammie - not shown) has been teaching her to float on her back. Baby B loves the pool.

Watch out for this kidlet in the 2022 Olympics! Woot!!


Aileen said...

Aww she looks very content!

Flaurella said...

Yep, she's a peach! Loves the water... Haven't kissed her little butterbean belly in a whole week so am looking forward to this weekend!

Sanne said...

Ahhr - adorable!
Look at those cheeks - you want to kiss them all day. :)

And quite a handsome hubby you got. ;)

jk said...

Binks is a great nickname for an olympic swimmer!

Flaurella said...

Thanks, Sanne. He's okay for a Senior Citizen. ha! (good thing he doesn't read my blog!)

Flaurella said...

Aileen, she loves the water. And Tater Marie, "Binks won't sink" although we do have to keep her from drinking the pool.

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