Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pickle Ballerina

This is Pickle Ballerina.

Pickle Ballerina

She is Tucker's favorite toy.

He goes nutzoid, totally frenzied when I waggle her shapely, pale pinkish ballerina legs in his face. She has a green cotton body and a pale pink nylon tutu and she's about 10 inches long.

Nana gave Pickle Ballerina to Tucker's Uncle Bubba 16 years ago. Pickle Ballerina is one tough broad who has out-lived half of us.

I can tell Tuck to go get Pickle Ballerina and he will search for her for hours until he finds her. The Bubba was the same way.

Never doubt the power of Pickle Ballerina.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

That's amazing its lasted this long Flaurel! Shes ah er well unique looking LOL
Hope your starting to feel better!

jk said...

I love ballerinas! Have a collection - but no pickles....
She is simply adorable - hope the wee ferocious one doesn't chomp off a shapely pickle-ballerina leg!

Laura(southernxyl) said...

I can see the attraction.

We bought some cat toys recently. The best one is a kind of fuzzy green worm with eyes at one end. It has been kicked, dragged, thrown, shaken, eviscerated, groomed, and laid down on.

L said...

ha ha ha! LOL on the toy's name

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Anonymous said...

Okay, peoples, I can't seem to find Pickle Ballerina -- whatever that is -- but the fur face is at Miss Sher-EEE's who gets paid more per day towatch the little beast than I do to watch this old ghost trap of a house.


The Housesitter

Anonymous said...

To David,
I think you must be a SPAMMER.

The Flaurella would have my head if I replied to your note.

However, if you want to get together some night, email me at

Anonymous said...


I like your handle.

I like !!!

I use them a lot!

Email me soon!

The Housesitter,

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,
I too have met the giant fuzzy green worm.

BE AFRAID. Be VERY afraid.

(just like me if The Flaurella reads this stuff!!!!!)

Shayne said...

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